Suffer with ingrowing hairs?

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

I receive a lot of wonderful things from my fabulous clients!! This picture absolutely cracked me up. So this nasty lady is going to tell you a few things about ingrowing hairs especially for my waxing clients...

After waxing, your hairs don’t have the sharp edge like shaved hairs do, this makes it a little harder for the hair to pierce through the skin.

You can help this by exfoliating using a body brush for the not so delicate areas especially backs of legs if you have a sit down job, scrubs or a hand mitt (not internally OUCH). 

Also don’t wear knickers that are tight or leave marks in your skin as this is prohibiting the hair to push through. If you do get an ingrowing hair DON’T PLUCK always just release; I know I know it’s very hard to resist however do try, by plucking the hair it leaves the follicle in the same position, this is the shaft in which the hair grows thus meaning the next hair will grow exactly the same, resulting in another ingrowing hair 🙈 if you release the hair without plucking you give the follicle time to redirect its self, helping to break the cycle. 

A hot compress can also help with drawing the hair to the surface.

And Tea Tree oil is a fabulous treatment to use, my favourite is from Australia Body Care.


Until next time beautiful people... look after the skin you’re in 😘

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