I have started a new health program using a supplement oil that contains omega 3+ polyphenols (that’s found in olives) and vitamin D, the combination gives outstanding results that accelerate each other.

The benefits of this oil is outrageous I’ve been given so much knowledge, facts and proof I love it. You can see for yourself by taking a blood test, it’s so good to get your own proof. I have sent mine off so I can see just how deficient I am and with the knowledge that I now have, I know for definite that the results will come back high because as much as I have fish and olives in my diet the amount of omega 6 intake that I have (found in so much of our everyday food) can completely outweigh the amount of omega 3. I will then do another blood test in 90 days to see the changes the balance oil has made but to be honest from what I’ve been told from people I’ve spoken to on the program, I will be able to feel the difference long before I see my new results.

We all need omega 3 to give us healthy cells, too much omega 6 suppresses omega 3 and its job to get rid of waste and to put those healthy fatty acids we need to good use. If we have a high ratio of omega 6 our cells can’t work we hang onto waste (toxins) our bodies become inflamed and we can’t use the healthy acids our body needs.

Everybody would benefit from taking omega 3 for the following reasons:

  • Better skin

  • Better hair

  • Better nails

  • Lower / reduce blood cholesterol

  • Better teeth

  • Better muscle function

  • Bone structure

  • Protection of blood lipids from oxidative

  • Stress

  • Better brain function to name just a few

To find out more click here and start the process to a heather life and body.

Love the skin you’re in

Sam x

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