Why do I still need SPF in the winter?

It’s drummed into us to use SPF in the summer months to protect us from UVB damage (skin burn) that we don’t give it a thought for the rest of the year, however UVA damage is all year round. UVA attacks even through clouds, think of UVA as a greenhouse affect, your tomatoes still grow behind the glass without direct sunlight on its skin, UVA causes damage within our skin, breaking down cellular turnover including collagen and elastin, thus causing premature ageing, making acne and hyperpigmentation worse and the scary thing is we don’t even feel it happening.

I had a regular client come in for a chemical peel she has had many times before however this time when she arrived I noticed a difference in her skin, her cheeks were red and sensitive not what I expected, it was as if her skin was presenting its first time to me, on getting down to the bottom of what had changed within her skin it was her daily moisturiser which is also her SPF broad spectrum protection she believed she didn’t need it as it’s not hot enough for SPF!

Please wear your protection everyday of the year , I wish I had known what I know now and started a long time ago to help slow down the ageing process for sure

I highly recommend AlumierMD daily moisturiser prescribed for your specific skincare concerns that’s also your SPF protection in the form of a broad spectrum it’s a physical filter not a chemical one, by choosing AlumierMD’s daily moisturiser you don’t have to think about it, not only are you feeding you’re skin your also protecting your skin every morning on a daily basis. This product comes in 3 different types to suit your skin and also comes in tinted also , I love mine it’s my desert island must have, not only does it feed and protect it also saves me time with not having to wear makeup

All this for £37.50.

To find out which one is for you get in contact with myself or an AlumierMD professional in your area

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