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I hope to find you safe and well I can’t believe how quick the last month has flown I’ve continued to be busy with online skin consultations and progressive learning with online courses so that I’m prepared so you can rest assured, that when we reopen I would’ve done everything to provide a safe environment for you.

As we move into the summer months now is the time hyper-pigmentation will be rearing it’s dark head!

So what is Hyper-pigmentation?

It’s a broad term that refers to a skin condition in which the skin is discoloured or dark, due to different factors including sun damage, acne scarring, eczema or psoriasis. This is because acne,  sunlight, and  skin rashes have the potential to stimulate melanocytes, this is the pigment making cells in the skin this then produces too much causing them to dump the pigment in the lower layers of the skin causing dark patches once this happens the area will just get darker when exposed to direct sunlight and I’m sorry to say it won’t disappear on its own.

I don’t want to get technical so I’ll just say, that now damaged melanocytes they look like a hand will continue to release pigment at a fast rate so we need to put a glove on it, this will slow down the release of new pigment. We can do that with ingredients that have a delivery system to reach where is needed you’ll be using these at home, we also want to stimulate new cellular turnover with exfoliation and having in clinic treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling and LED light therapy are known to accelerate results.

Of course we want to work on lightning the hyper-pigmentation on the surface this is most peoples main concern however there is no point in lightning the area if you don’t follow the routine with the hand (melanocytes) first it needs its glove to block the darkened pigment coming back or it will be one step forward then two steps back.

The main contributor to worsen the pigment is the sun, please don’t fall into the trap of thinking if I tan it won’t be so noticeable, this is a huge mistake as once the tan has gone it will leave your hyper-pigmentation so much worse .

Protection is key using a broad spectrum SPF daily is imperative along with keeping the area out of direct sunlight, with sun hat and glasses

AlumierMD have a fabulous daily moisturisers that also comes in a tint giving your pigmentation a more even coverage whilst protecting you from the UVA and UVB with a broad spectrum SPF 40

If I can help you in any way please do message me to book your skin consultation

Until we meet again, I wish you a healthy and happy month ahead.

Love the skin you’re in

Sam x

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